URRANTA is the long-anticipated release from Gaelic singer Deirdre Graham. Comprising a series of traditional songs that have long inspired Deirdre, the album is rooted in the sounds of her native home on the Isle of Skye and its surrounding areas. Introducing Deirdre’s raw and evocative vocals, highlighted by a rich orchestrated soundscape, URRANTA is a celebration of the Gaelic singing traditions and an expression of their reach across different musical worlds.

This album is a triumphant homage to the composers of its songs who spoke out boldly in reaction to war, political struggle, exile, and who championed female empowerment and love.

The sound of URRANTA is enriched by a string quartet; elevating the songs from their traditional beginnings into a contemporary genre, the strings weave together elements of classical and film music to create an expansive tone across all of the tracks. These bold arrangements are beautifully emphasised by the musicianship of a number of esteemed Scottish artists.


Recorded at Gran’s House Studio in Lamington, this album teamed Deirdre with producer and musician Angus Lyon (Blazin’ Fiddles). It also features the talents of prolific musicians Seonaid Aitken (BBC Jazz Nights), Kristan Harvey (Blazin' Fiddles), Patsy Reid, Alice Allen, James Lindsay (Breabach), and Ruairidh Graham (Niteworks), all of whom bring an energy and passion to the music that is evident on each track throughout the rise and fall of the album’s story.