Deirdre Graham is a Glasgow-based Gaelic singer whose musical stylings reflect her home on the Isle of Skye. Taking a contemporary approach to traditional Gaelic singing, Deirdre’s songs construct a rich orchestral soundscape around raw vocal performances to evoke the powerful themes in their stories.  

Born and raised on the Isle of Skye, Deirdre was immersed from an early age in Gaelic music, language, and culture. She was hugely influenced by the Fèis movement, and went on to graduate from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS).

Deirdre was given the opportunity to live and work as a teacher abroad: first in China, then in Spain and Malaysia. These international experiences were a chance to explore different musical cultures, as well as different styles of musical performance. In particular, her time in Malaysia strengthened her appreciation for classical music, and this appreciation has informed her music. Her time away also helped reinforce a deep love for the Gaelic singing traditions connecting her to home, which refined and strengthened the desire to express the stories of her culture through song.

Since returning to Glasgow Deirdre has recorded and performed as a featured artist with Niteworks and Tradbeats.